At A Changing Nest we believe that it is the mix of newer & well-loved vintage decor treasures that tell the ever changing story of an interesting & unique home.  

We have a boutique style approach to our store & consignment aesthetic. We are constantly sourcing, updating, painting, reupholstering & up-cycling our own older pieces in order to mix them freely with new furniture & decor accessories that we have sourced from current suppliers and consignees.  


When it comes to consignment we accept pieces that are in great condition & are both beautiful, interesting & still have great resell-able value & keeping in mind that we have a limited size shop we cannot take pieces that we have determined  are not marketable for us or our consignees.  

What we may take :

-Vintage Coffee Tables, End Tables, Consoles & Desks

-Vintage Dressers and Bedside Tables 

-Vintage Mirrors & Lamps with Shades (as close to 10/10 condition as possible)

-Vintage Dinnerware & Glassware are seasonal items for us & we would have to determine the best time to take these pieces

-Vintage Accent pieces 

NOTE We are open to purchasing items that we deem worthy to be reupholstered and/or refinished at our own expense.

What we CAN NOT take : 

- Full Dining Suites( If space permits we may look at the odd  vintage table alone or set of chairs.  Condition must be 10/10)

-Beds & Headboards

-Rugs, Cushions or Draperies

Consignment Information

Please refer to list of items we take & email photos of items you wish to consign to :

A Changing Nest has a 50/50 consignment split based on an agreed upon price.  Our prices are based on condition, age and style of piece and our experience of the consignment market.  Please note that any upholstered items that we consider should be in 10/10 condition from a smoke free home.

STEP 1 - Send us pictures

STEP 2- Deliver your own pieces.  We can give you the name of delivery services if you require one.

STEP 3- Set Prices


Unless otherwise agreed upon with the consignee we do not have a time limit for how long items are kept, however after 6 months we may contact consignee to return item or agree to reduce the price.


Consignees may be paid peridically when an item is sold above $50.00 or when files are reviewed every 3 months.